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Bring your old audio tapes, reels, & discs back to life

Digitise them now and keep your memories alive.

Old audio recording can be so moving and nostalgic, a real look back in time.

Whether it’s your teenage band’s first album, a chat with a grandparent, or another precious memory stored on cassette, old recordings are worth keeping alive.

Tapes deteriorate over time, which means the quality of their recordings - and the memories they contain - can fade.

Converting audio cassettes to digital files restores and preserves those memories, but it isn’t a quick or easy job. In fact, it needs some specific equipment and skills.

Converting old video tapes to digital files is the perfect way to preserve those precious memories and relive them.

We’re proud to help people beat the technical trap of digital conversions and keep their memories alive. With many thousands of hours of audio conversions under our belt, your old cassettes are in safe hands.

We’d love to preserve more memories. Would you?

How it Works

Free Estimate

Contact us for free advice on your project and a quotation on what it will cost. No need to pay anything before we digitise your memories.


Post in your old media

We can collect in local areas

Secure upload links for digital files

Drop off in person


Enjoy & Share

Have your memories available on USB memory sticks, cloud download, or DVD/ CD. Share them instantly and watch them easily.

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What Our Customers Say

Free Blanks Tapes

If your tapes are blank or inaudible then we will not charge for that tape.

Pay on Completion

No deposit or upfront payment is needed, you only pay when the work is completed.

Free Tape Repairs

We can fix most problems and will always try our best to repair any damaged tapes you send us.

Free 1 Year Backup

We backup all your files for 12 months incase you need further work doing or more copies sending.

Free Tape Trimming

Your new audio files will have all the blank sections at the beginning and end of the tape removed.

Free Cloud Download 

Get free cloud download and sharing for 12 months for all your converted media all in one place.

Choose the right digital format for your needs

Read our guide how to choose the best format for your new files here


Audio Cassettes

£14.95per tape

Audio Reels

£14.95 - £39.95per reel

Micro/ DAT Tapes

£14.95 per tape

All prices include free unlimited cloud download and sharing for your new audio files

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