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USB Memory Stick, DVD, or Cloud Download?

We can return your digitised videos and photographs in three different formats; USB memory stick, DVD, or cloud download. Which format should you choose?

This article will explain how each of the output formats works along with the benefits of each one. We would always recommend having at least two formats or creating several backups yourself to ensure your videos and photos are secure for the future.

USB Memory Stick

USB’s are the most versatile choice to save digitised media. You can use your memory stick on your computer, Smart TV, games consoles and many other devices. USB sticks are available with many different storage capacities; 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, so in most cases we can fit all your photos and videos onto one USB stick.

Each of your videos are saved as individual files: All your videos/photos are saved as separate files on the memory stick. This means that if you have ordered 10 tapes to have converted, you will receive 1 USB containing 10 individual video files saved on it.

Easy for copying, editing, and sharing: You can easily copy the files from a USB stick onto a computer, external hard drive, cloud storage and then make additional copies. You can easily change the names of the files if needed, and add more files to the USB stick if you wish to.

Cloud Download & Sharing

Cloud download has many benefits and we would recommend this method by choice even if you have DVDs or a USB stick as well.

Faster turnaround time: As soon as your tapes and photos are digitised you can see them because you do not have to wait for return packing and postage. As soon as your invoice is paid we will send you a link to all your files which you can view, download, and share straight away.

Quick & easy to share with family & friends: You can forward the link we send to you anyone you can choose and they will be able to view the videos immediately.

Each of your videos are saved as individual files: All your videos/photos are saved as separate files which are easy to identify. You can download individual files as you choose or download all files at the same time. Once downloaded you can make extra copies as you choose.

Your new media is safe and secure: Your memories are protected from physical damage or loss; if you lose the link we can just send you the link again and everything will still be there. We use Dropbox business services which are safe, secure, and protected; we will keep all your media files for 12months and at that time we will ask if you still wish to keep the cloud service or not.

You can add more media to the same location: If you have further digitisation work carried out by us we can add those files to the same link so that everything is all in one place.

DVDs: A simple but dated format

Whilst for some people it is easier and more familiar to watch their videos from a DVD we do not recommend only having your files returned on a DVD.

An easy way to watch your videos: DVDs are reliable and simple way for those who find it easier to watch their videos on a TV or computer. Easy to see what you have especially if you have a cover on the DVD box and they make a nice gift.

Outdate and inflexible technology: DVDs are slowly becoming obsolete as many new computers do not have a DVD drive. You cannot (easily) copy a DVD or share the videos with others unless you lend out the DVD. If the DVD becomes damaged or corrupted then you have lost your media and will need to convert your tapes again, if you still have them.

Limited storage capacity: If you have a large collection of tapes converted you will need a lot of DVDs to hold the new files. A 3 hour tape will normally need to 2 DVDs to hold the files.

If you want a DVD we strongly recommend you also have a USB stick or cloud download option as well to provide security and flexibility for your precious memories.

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